Paul Pouvreau


Since the early 1980s, Paul Pouvreau has been developing a body of photographic work that highlights ordinary, insignificant objects: domestic appliances, boxes, plastic bags, dust... His aim is to "focus attention on those little things of no consequence that often house just about everything". His work is also marked by a figure with an imperceptible face, treated anonymously and on the same level as the objects. While plumbing the real, Pouvreau also dips into the History of Art and sets up his photographs as installations. What interests him is the way in which the visual signs he chooses (logos and various types of packaging) dialogue with both everyday space and the space of the exhibition. Continually questioning the image and its representation, his artistic work integrates drawings and collages as well.

Public collections

Artothèque de Caen

Artothèque de Vitré

Artothèque de Limoges

Artothèque de Lyon

Artothèque de Nantes

Fonds National d?Art Contemporain

FRAC Corse

FRAC Franche-Comté

FRAC Limousin

FRAC Paris

FRAC Alsace

Musée de Valence

Caisse des dépôts et des consignations (collection Centre Pompidou, Paris)