For Paris Photo?s twentieth anniversary, we are presenting a collection of exceptional photographs, period prints that accurately reflect our commitment to artists who have put their stamp on twentieth century photography: Erwin Blumenfeldt, Ernst Haas, Ray Metzker and Sabine Weiss. Additionally, we are taking this occasion to display the works of some lesser known photographers such as Tom Arndt, Pascal Kern and Arlene Gottfried who for thirty years or more have been creating a first-class body of work, each in his or her own genre. These rare, exceptionally sensitive prints range from Pascal Kern and Arlene Gottfried?s Cibachromes to Tom Arndt?s riveting black and whites.

This collection is in keeping with our artistic credo, for we believe it is essential that collectors and visitors to Paris Photo be exposed to exceptional prints in line with the great tradition of documentary photography and experimentation with the medium.