Les Douches la Galerie is proud to present two masters of documentary photography who rarely made it into Paris Photo: Sabine Weiss and Ernst Haas. On display are one-off, vintage prints that have thus far been closely guarded in the two artists' studios. As one of the last living representatives of humanist photography, Sabine Weiss was invited by Edward Steichen to participate in the MoMA's mythical exhibit, The Family of Man. Her work is permeated by a quest for light, for a dense, incomparable photographic substance. Ernst Haas, meanwhile, was a pioneer, a trailblazer in colour photography; he quickly mastered chromatic exploration, dazzling formal composition and the pull of abstraction. In 1962, he became the first photographer to have a solo colour exhibit at the MoMA. His warm, at times incandescent tonalities, his mastery of deep blacks, his virtuosity in contrasts all quickly earned him great international fame.

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