Dedicating an entire show to the presentation of portfolios has from here on in become a ritual at the Douches la Galerie.  It’s a visual boost that we are particularly fond of.  It permits the viewing of a particularly coherent body of images from the artist’s work at a given creative  moment. 

The portfolio is intrinsically connected to the history of photography.  Don’t  look at it as competing  with the artist’s original work but rather see it as simply  a new vantage point, a way of looking and feeling the artist’s  body of work which has been  produced as rigorously and carefully as the original permitting a broader number to enter the artist’s world.

The artists that we are presenting within this exhibition - John Baldessari, Stéphane Couturier, Rodolf Hervé, Jacqueline Salmon and Robert Hammerstiel, have all voluntarily chosen to try out this new way of viewing.

They all share the same impulse to explore unaccustomed  aesthetic supports; nonetheless  each has his/her own particular vision.
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